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The Top 5 Bourbon Mixes

Bourbon is a versatile spirit – join us as we explore 5 bourbon mixes you’ll want to try tonight

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Whether an outdoor BBQ with family, a celebration with friends, or a movie night in, Bourbon is for any occasion. The drink itself is just as versatile, mixing well in a variety of ways. When it comes to the best bourbon drinks though, these five mixes are the perfect place to start.

1. Spring Water

A good quality spring water doesn’t dilute a great bourbon, but rather enhances it. That’s because it tempers down the alcohol taste and brings out the more subtle flavours. We recommend a single barrel bourbon like Russell’s Reserve or Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select for that optimal taste.

2. Cola

What could be more American than combining two great recipes, Bourbon and Coca Cola! A Southern Comfort would suit well, as would a Wild Turkey. Mix a little cola, or a lot depending on your taste. Or you can let us do the mixing for you, with our pre-mixed cans like Wild Turkey and Cola, Southern Comfort and Cola, and Jim Beam and Cola, just to name a few. Refreshing and tasty!

3. Coffee

We’ve all heard of an Irish Coffee, but replacing whiskey with bourbon is also a delicious tipple for those cold nights. We recommend Wild Turkey Honey Liqueur for yours, as the honey will give it that extra depth. Add a little whipped cream on top too, just to keep the Irish pleased.

4. Cointreau

Made from dried orange peels, this French favourite offers a deliciously bitter contrast to the sweetness of bourbon. Choose either the original Cointreau or mix things up with Cointreau Blood Orange to compliment your bourbon. For that perfectly sweet orange tipple we recommend the deliciously simple to make cocktail, a Bourbon Sidecar. Simply three parts of Jack Daniels , one part Cointreau and one part lemon juice. Stir, sit back, and enjoy.

5. Beer

Beer doesn’t seem like an obvious mixer, but it’s an American favourite. While you may think a popular American beer like a Budweiser might suit, we recommend hoppier beers instead. You’ll find the hops compliment the sweetness. Try a Russell’s Reserve 10YO with Deep Creek’s Brewtiful Haze New England IPA for a hop blast, or Queensland’s own Balter IPA for a smoother taste.

There you have it, five of our best bourbon drinks! Which one will you try today?

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