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Jarrod aka @diycocktailguy shows us that fancy entertaining doesn’t have to be a chore with his roundup of 3 ingredient cocktails that are quick and easy to make at home. 


Classic 3 Ingredient Cocktails to Try at Home

If there’s one misconception in the world of drinks and entertaining, it’s that delicious cocktails are tricky to make or involve a long list of different components. Gone are the days of 10 step recipes, unnecessary prep and hunting down ingredients you’ve never heard of before. When it comes to entertaining large groups of friends and family, we’re all about the easy cocktails that are quick to whip up.


And if there’s one person to show us the way, it’s Jarrod the @diycocktailguy. “I’m going to show you some simple 3 ingredient cocktails that you can make for your upcoming party or event,” he adds. From the cult favourite negroni to the widely adored margarita and creamy espresso martini, these are the fuss-free 3 ingredient additions to add to your party lineup along with your favourite beers, seltzers and wines. 

The Cult Favourite Negroni

Round 1: Enjoy this bold and bitter aperitivo 


Hailing from Milan, the classic negroni gives a masterclass in simplicity and balance. It’s aromatic, bold and the perfect starter before the food and festivities kick-off. Built over ice and stirred, this lip smacking aperitivo goes best with a garnish of orange — sliced, twist or dehydrated — it’s up to you. 


(Serves 1)


30ml of Campari 

30mL of Cinzano Sweet Vermouth

30mL of Papa Salt Gin 

Dehydrated orange, to garnish





  1. Grab your tumblers and add ice. 
  2. Pour in 30mL of Papa Salt Gin, the latest Australian gin co-created by Hollywood darling Margot Robbie. 
  3. Add 30 mL of Cinzano Sweet Vermouth.
  4. Then 30mL of Campari, before stirring your cocktail in the glass.
  5. Top it off with a slice of dehydrated orange from Tipple Topper.  

The All Rounder Margarita

Round 2: Shake up a storm with a refreshing classic that’s bound to please


“Next up is the most renowned and popular cocktail in the world — the 3 ingredient margarita,” Jarrod starts. A classic margarita is made up of just tequila, Cointreau and fresh lime juice. It’s refreshing, salty and packed full of citrus — a winning combination any time of year. “It’s so simple, only 3 ingredients, and you can add whatever you want to it. Any kind of fresh fruit will level up your margarita game and it’s good to serve at any kind of event,” Jarrod adds. Give our refreshing Watermelon Margaritas a try, go down the salty and sweet path with our Blood Orange Margaritas, or whip up some jugs of Margarita Punch for the ultimate party spread.

The Widely Adored Espresso Martini

Round 3: The fancy fave to enjoy as the night goes on


“With your event slowing down, this is where the 3 ingredient Espresso Martini becomes your best friend,” Jarrod says. Shaken from equal parts vodka, Kahlúa and fresh espresso, this creamy concoction not only keeps the party going, it’s super easy for guests to whip up themselves. Over the last decade or two, Aussies have adopted a coffee culture of our own, which now includes a few Saturday espresso martinis along with our morning flat white. Dial up the decadence with a white chocolate variation or get adventurous with our Guinness Espresso Martini — the options are endless!  

Shaken or Stirred? What’s the Best Cocktail Method for Entertaining

Shaken or stirred? It was a request made famous by James Bond, but it’s also an important factor to consider when entertaining. It’s no doubt that stirred cocktails are easier when whipping up rounds for guests — less bar tools, less clean up and no shaking required. They tend to also be more ‘spirit-forward’ with soda, tonic and a decent addition of ice rounding out the rest of the cocktail. On the other hand, the appeal of a refreshing, shaken cocktail is hard to go past. Let’s just say, sometimes, the little extra effort (and arm workout) is worth it. Often including fruit, egg or dairy elements, nothing gets a party started like a round of frothy and creamy cocktails. So what’s the answer? We think whatever you and your guests are in the mood for. When in doubt, why not both? 


Our favourite stirred cocktails: the Negroni, of course. But we also love a Mint Julep or a Manhattan. 


Our favourite shaken cocktails: Margaritas and Espresso Martinis are no-brainers. But we also can’t go past a Daiquiri or a Whiskey Sour. 

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