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New Year, New Me: Why This Coastal Gin Cocktail Will Be Your Go-To in 2024

 Jarrod aka @diycocktailguy is helping revamp your line-up of summer favourites with a refreshing coastal gin cocktail that you’ll keep coming back to, time and time again.

new me new you cocktail

Float into the New Year with a Coastal Gin and Elderflower Cocktail

If there’s one resolution to keep this New Year, it should be leaving fiddly, over-complicated cocktails in 2023 and starting afresh with drinks that are fun, fizzy and zero-fuss. The New Year, New Me ticks all of these boxes — and it’s about to be on high rotation for the rest of your summer.


It’s an easy drinking cocktail that has it all. Australian botanical gin co-created by Margot Robbie and friends, elderflower liqueur crafted from hand-picked blossoms all the way from France, fresh lime juice to tie everything together and sprigs of mint for the finishing touches. But unlike your New Year’s resolutions, the New Year, New Me is one thing you’ll stick to. “It’s something fresh, something light, as well as pretty low calorie to kick-off the year exactly how you want to,” adds Jarrod. 

Everything you’ll need to make the New Me, New Me

Cocktail Ingredients:

(Serves 1)


45mL Papa Salt Coastal Gin

30mL or 1oz St Germain Elderflower Liqueur

30mL or 1oz lime juice 

30mL agave syrup 

Sparkling water, to top up

Mint, to garnish

Jarrod’s 3 steps to a low-maintenance party pleaser



  1. Pop your ice into your glasses and pour 45mL of Papa Salt Coastal Gin into each glass.
  2. Add your St Germain Elderflower Liqueur, fresh lime juice, agave syrup and stir. 
  3. Top up with soda water and add fresh mint for the final touches. 

Spirit of the sea: say hello to Papa Salt Coastal Gin

London Dry, Sloe and other flavoured gins have all had their moment in the spotlight, so it’s only fitting that coastal-inspired gin has its time in the sun. Papa Salt Coastal Gin, a passion project co-created by Australian Hollywood royalty Margot Robbie and friends, has been a longtime in the making — five years to be exact. After 59 different variations, the close-knit group landed on Australian botanicals like roasted wattleseed and pink peppercorn along with waxflower, hibiscus, citrus peel and the unique addition of Australian oyster shell to create a gin that casts you away to lazy days spent by the beach. Distilled in Byron Bay, packaged like a message in a bottle and crafted for sessionable drinking, Papa Salt pays homage to the sundazed and salty Australian way of life. Plus, it’s got the Margot Robbie stamp of approval!

Why elderflower liqueur will be the staple of your summer bar

You’ve got the gin of your summer sorted, now it’s time to turn your attention to your other go-to element for any gin cocktail.  Elderflower is to gin, what lime juice is to tequila. You’ll find this match made in heaven on bar menus across the world, infusing floral aromas into cocktails from the Gin Fizz to the French Gimlet and the latest take on the French 75  — the French 77. Like the country it hails from, St Germain Elderflower Liqueur gives an air of sophistication with light notes of sherbet, lemon and pear, giving your drink the perfect balance between citrus, fruit and floral notes. 

Non-alcoholic gins for teetotalers or the sober curious

When Jarrod mentioned that the New Year, New Me was a low-maintenance cocktail — he meant it. For hosting New Year’s gatherings, you want to make sure you’re catering to the whole party. Nowadays, this means accounting for cocktail aficionados to teetotalers and the sober curious looking to take some time away from drinking. And you’re in luck, because gin is leaps and bounds ahead of the zero alcohol game and it’s ready to swoop in when soft drinks just aren’t going to cut it. For the New Year, New Me Jarrod recommends having the Four Pillars Bandwagon on hand, and when it comes to elderflower, you’re not tied to liqueur. With a vast range of elderflower cordials and tonic waters at your fingertips, you can take your New Year, New Me to new non-alcoholic heights. And why stop there? We love swapping out regular tonic with the Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic for a weeknight, quick-fix G&T that feels a touch more special. 

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