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Cricketers Arms

It’s fair to say that the seeds for Cricketers Arms were planted in the mind of Paul Scott long before the brewery opened its doors in 2007. As a boy, Scott was deeply influenced by his father’s love of cricket – that, and his unwavering commitment to playing hard, losing gracefully, and sharing a beer with the opposing team.

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Home Base: Melbourne

Try: Keepers Lager, Spearhead Pale Ale, Scorcher Summer Ale, Session Ale

The Stats: In 2007, Paul Scott established Cricketers Arms as a tribute to his father. Since then, the brewery has gone on to win a number of prestigious awards, including the Gold 2016 Australian International Beer Award for Best Australian Style Lager.

The Story:

From the very start, Cricketers Arms has always been about honouring friendships and celebrating communities. The aim is to create beers that pay homage to a time when telling stories, post-match banter, and cheering on the other side were important parts of tradition.

In the early 2000’s, Scott decided to put his publican experience to good use and team up with brewmaster, Dermot O’Donnell, to create a beer that embodies all the values instilled by his father. The result was Keeper’s Lager – a sweet and citrusy brew, crafted with sun-dried malt and infused with Amarillo hops.

Since then, the brand has gone on to create a number of award-winning beers, including the Spearhead Pale Ale, the Scorcher Summer Ale, and a rather delectable Session Ale that makes for easy drinking on a hot summer’s afternoon – particularly over a friendly game of cricket.

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