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Eco-Bottle: Flat Wine Bottle

At First Choice Liquor Market, glass is no longer king, and that is a good thing for the environment. This June, we have introduced uniquely designed flatter eco wine bottles that are made from 100% recycled PET, in what is thought to be the first of its kind in Australia. Before you seek one out from your local store, here is some info on why we have brought them into the fold.

first choice liquor eco-flat wine bottles

Why is sustainable packaging important?

Glass bottles are the single biggest contributor to a wine’s carbon footprint, so it is vital that other more eco-friendly alternatives are found to reduce the industry’s environmental impact. The wine sector is always looking to reduce its carbon footprint, and these eco wine bottles are the most significant step in the wine industry since the screw cap began replacing the cork! Due to their weight, shape and material, it will have a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions in the supply chain, and that’s a good thing for everyone. 

Why is eco wine packaging better for the environment?

These new eco wine bottles are around 84% lighter than a regular glass bottle, which saves on costs and greenhouse gas emissions associated with transport. With their flat design, nearly twice the amount of wine can be packed in a case, compared to glass bottles too. In Australia,1152 eco-flat bottles can fit onto a pallet, compared to the typical 768 round glass ones. Due to this better utilisation of space, producers have less loading time and faster deliveries, making it cost efficient for the winemaker and a win for the environment. 

What material is the eco wine bottle made from?

The eco wine bottles are made from 100% recycled PET, a type of plastic that is clear, strong, lightweight and in turn, 100% recyclable. The recycled PET is produced by Visy in NSW and the bottles are also manufactured by Visy in VIC. Its product tag is a material “made to be remade”, so this is what we call sustainable packaging at its best. The material is also food grade approved by relevant authorities and regulatory bodies, and in no way does it affect the wine’s taste or quality, so rest assured there will be no difference to your usual wine experience. They are made for everyday drinking wines, though they are proven to last between 19-22 months if you don’t plan on drinking it right away. 

Does recycled mean recyclable?

Yes! Recycled and recyclable aren’t the same thing. But in this bottle’s case, they are not just made from 100% recycled PET but are also fully recyclable to keep material in circulation and minimise waste, meaning your wine packaging doesn’t end up in landfill or waste stations. The material can be recycled into clothing, shoes, carpets, furniture and automotive parts. While glass bottles are also recyclable they are heavy and require a lot of energy to produce and transport and even the furnace process during recycling needs a lot of power, so the eco wine bottle offers a better alternative for the environment. 

Why is eco wine packaging better for you?

While the benefits of the eco wine bottle to the environment are clear, consumers are also excited about the new product and its advantages. Being lighter, they are easier to carry to that next gathering with family and friends, and their flat bottle shape means they are more easily stackable in the fridge or that picnic basket. They can even fit in your back pocket! Whereas glass is extremely fragile (we’ve all dropped a bottle at one time!), the eco wine bottle is also very sturdy. It’s just another reason as to why you should try one. 

What eco wines are available to purchase?

Eco bottles of Banrock Station and Taylors’ One Small Step range are now available in First Choice Liquor stores across the country. It is a collaboration between sustainable packaging pioneers Packamama, Accolade Wines, and Taylors Wines. More wineries are expected to adopt the eco wine packaging in the near future too, so keep a look out the next time you visit a First Choice Liquor store or shop online.

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