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7 Gins That Will Elevate Your G&T

Carefully curated botanicals and fruits from near and far combine to make magic in these elegant gin blends.

gin and tonic

There was a time when gin was just, well, gin. Invented by the Romans, it was refined by the Dutch and popularised by the English, who took it on as their national drink in the 18th century. Indeed, enthusiasm was so great, it led to widespread drunkenness, until the British government intervened with heavy handed taxes, and gin was relegated to the dusty top shelf for almost two centuries. The second iteration of gin began where it all ended, in London, in the early Noughties. But this time around, sophisticated techniques, creative distillers and the contemporary penchant for choice have led to wide diversity when it comes to the humble G&T. From classic juniper to herbs, fruits and new hues, there’s a whole world of gin, and somewhere out there, is one with your name on it. So crank up the ice maker and put the quality tonic in to chill.

Here are a few of our favourite gins.

1. Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin


Let’s start with a classic. Using eight exotic botanicals from Moroccan cubeb berries to spicy West African Grains of Paradise, this icon of London Dry gin offers a traditional taste with strong juniper flavours and a powerful, dry finish.



2. Mt. Uncle Distillery Botanic Australis


Based on an original London Dry recipe, this ridiculously good gin from Queensland’s tropical far north uses 14 native botanicals from the Atherton Tablelands, including lilly pilly, lemon myrtle, finger lime and bunya nut.



3. Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin


What started as a wild idea to blend grapes into gin has quickly become a cult classic. The aromas of pine needles and peppery raspberry are bewitching in combination with the magical purple colour and grapey sweetness.



4. Antipodes Pink Gin


Beautifully balanced, Australia’s first certified organic pink gin has been infused with Kakadu plum and strawberry gum. Ruby red grapefruit and pepper berries add a layer of complexity and a luscious pink tang.



5. Never Never Triple Juniper Gin


Juniper fans rejoice. There are nine botanicals in this gin but it’s the oily and intense juniper that steals the show. Expect earthy undertones, wooded spice, and a luxurious creaminess that dries as we speak.



6. 23rd Street Signature Gin & Tonic


Take the guesswork out of your measures with this premium premix, perfect to enjoy simply poured over ice. Juniper, Riverland mandarin and coriander are the aromatics, with follow-up juniper and citrus on the palate.



7. Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin


Inspired by memories of visits to his grandparent’s English country garden is Johnny Neill’s glorious gin. The essence of rhubarb adds a tantalisingly tart crisp edge to a smooth English gin base, while the warmth of ginger lingers on the finish.

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