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Build a better bar: Build a better bar: aperitifs and liqueurs

Liqueurs and aperitifs are staples of any good bar. An aperitif (or aperitivo in Italy) is the French word for a drink designed to enjoy before a meal and to reinvigorate the tastebuds. And as you explore cocktail recipes, you will quickly realise that liqueurs are the cornerstone of many popular mixologist favourites.

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Typically not too sweet and not too high in alcohol volume, popular aperitifs include champagne, sherry, liqueurs, vermouth and even aromatised wines. If you are a fan of a negroni or a spritz, then you would be familiar with Campari and Aperol, but there are many more aperitifs just waiting for you to discover.


Aperol Aperitivo

You can’t miss the unmistakable vibrant orange colour of this award-winning and world-famous aperitif. It’s the cornerstone of the Aperol Spritz (no surprises there) making it a bar essential.


Campari Aperitif

This iconic dark red Italian liqueur has a distinctive aroma and a pleasantly spicy, bittersweet flavour. A cornerstone of a good negroni, it can also be enjoyed neat or with soda water.


Cinzano Rosso Sweet Vermouth

Best enjoyed as an aperitif, serve it straight, with soda or with a splash of freshly squeezed orange juice. It is also an essential ingredient in a range of cocktails, including a Manhattan and a negroni.


Pimm’s No.1 Cup

An English classic with flavours derived from quinine and juniper with caramelised orange and delicate spices, Pimms is best enjoyed in a cocktail jug with lemonade, ginger ale or soda and plenty of cut up fruit.


Lillet Blanc Aperitif

Made from a blend of Bordeaux white wines with citrus liqueurs from orange peel and bitter green apple. Best enjoyed with soda or tonic.

Luscious liqueurs

Used in addition to the base spirits, liqueurs are responsible for a lot of the flavours that define a cocktail. From orange liqueurs like Cointreau and Grand Marnier through to Irish cream and coffee liqueur, they are useful for mixing up some of the most loved cocktails around.


Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur

An ideal mixer in cocktails, its rich copper and golden amber tones blend with an enticing caramel nose. Try it with cream cocktails to add a coffee kick.


Malibu Caribbean Rum

The world’s best-selling coconut flavoured rum from the Caribbean with a natural smooth and fresh flavour. Malibu goes great in tropical blends, adding coconut flavours and sweetness.


Kahlua Coffee Liqueur

The world’s No.1 coffee liqueur. Expect multi-layered flavours of bittersweet black coffee and sweet butter. It’s also the cornerstone of an espresso martini or white Russian.


Baileys Strawberries & Cream

Fresh, juicy strawberries have been blended with pure Irish dairy cream and the unique Baileys spirit. Try it over ice cream for a decadent treat.


Rum Co Fiji Ratu Signature Liqueur

Premium Rum Liqueur aged for eight years, this award-winning Fijian rum won gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017. Try in your favourite rum cocktails for a spiced twist.


Fireball Cinnamon Whisky

A liqueur made to combat the icy Canadian winter, this cinnamon-infused whisky delivers a sweet and spicy taste. It’s great sipped neat or in a creative cocktail.


Cointreau Liqueur

This orange-flavoured triple sec liqueur from France is a common ingredient in some of the best cocktails. A must-have in any bar.

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