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Top Ways To Drink Bourbon

With so many bourbon drinks out there, we took at look at some surprising ways to enjoy America’s favourite spirit


It doesn’t get much more American than bourbon, but it can be hard to know how to drink Kentucky’s finest export. Bourbon has attracted all sorts of drinkers who prefer their bourbon in a certain way. Below we take a look at 5 of the best ways to drink bourbon.

1. Drink Bourbon Neat

“Why meddle with the recipe?” is what bourbon purists say, and we agree! Simply serve your bourbon at room temperature in an empty glass and you’re done. A well-crafted bourbon like Woodford Reserve Bourbon is ideal and deserves not to be tampered with.

2. Cook with Bourbon

Bourbon is an excellent addition to many recipes, and if you’re looking for something inexpensive for cooking we’ve rounded up some of our best budget bourbons for you to try. Bourbon makes a great substitute for rum in rumballs and goes well in other desserts like nutty cakes. For dinner time, pour some Jim Beam Bourbon in a hearty slow-cooked beef stew or use Southern Comfort in a glaze on chicken wings.

3. Bourbon On The Rocks

While purists may disagree, we’re not phased. Having bourbon with ice brings out the subtle flavours that could be hidden by a strong alcohol taste. Many insist it’s also more refreshing, and perfect for a long hot summer night. We recommend a single barrel bourbon like Russell’s Reserve or Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select for a bourbon on the rocks.

4. Bourbon Mixes

Americans know all too well that the smooth sweetness of a bourbon, mixed with other beverages like cola is a delicious combination. We love them so much here at First Choice Liquor, we wrote a guide on the best bourbon mixes. With some surprising inclusions like beer (yes, beer!), get mixing and try them all!


5. Bourbon Cocktails

Whether you’ve seen them on Mad Men or Some Like It Hot, or at your local bar, bourbon cocktails will never go out of fashion. Bourbon drinks like an Old Fashioned, a Manhattan or a Whiskey Sour are known by every bartender in the land. We suggest picking up a bottle of Jack Daniels Bourbon and making them at home yourself for that smug sense of satisfaction.

With so many ways to enjoy Bourbon, where will you start your journey?

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