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Christmas alcohol gift ideas for hard-to-buy-for people

Find the best alcohol presents in our gift guide. We’ve got everything from thoughtful gift suggestions for teachers and neighbours to the perfect gift for Dad.

Christmas alcohol gift ideas for hard-to-buy-for people

There’s no denying it – when it comes to the best Christmas gift ideas, alcohol gifts are probably a failsafe solution. Especially when it’s someone who’s hard to shop for. What present do you give the neighbour you only see now or then, or the client you’re hoping to land a big contract with? When you’re stuck for inspiration, there’s nothing better than drinking gifts to bridge the gap between an acquaintance and a friend. Interesting alcohol gifts can make unique Christmas presents and giving them says that you’re thinking about what someone might like to receive — and to drink! But what alcohol is a good gift? Well, that depends on the receiver.

Here’s our list of the best holiday season alcohol gifts for a few people we know are tricky to buy for — from a thoughtful bottle of wine to drinking gifts that will load up the home bar cart.

The best Christmas alcohol gifts for… the teacher

Teacher Christmas gifts can be tricky to get right – spare them from chocolate overload and buy them a drink instead. Teachers are arguably some of the most important people in our lives and they do a pretty tough job. It’s a no-brainer then that a refined bottle of bubbles, like the Adelaide Hills Ovation Brut Cuvee, which is made in the traditional method to build complex layers and a refreshing acidity, will be appreciated by them. A bottle of wine like the Annie’s Lane Shiraz, with its medium body and silky tannins, won’t go astray either.


Teachers tend to like a bit of creativity, so why not turn their Christmas present into a gift pack? A wicker hamper filled with some cheese, crackers and other gourmet treats to accompany the bottle of wine will take the alcohol present to the next level.

The best Christmas alcohol gifts for… Dad

Dad’s Christmas presents are always a challenge when it comes to the festive holiday season but you can’t go wrong with alcohol gift sets, especially when you tailor them to his tastes.

If he usually enjoys a Jack Daniel’s of an evening, try restocking his bar cart with a different choice of whisky like the first Dimple Whisky. It’s a well-rounded whisky that’s been aged for a minimum of 12 years and has a surprising depth of character. Pair this with some premium glassware and you’re guaranteed smiles on Christmas Day.


Another great gift idea is a cocktail kit. Let’s say his favourite cocktail is an Old Fashioned — all you need to do is pull together a bottle of bourbon. We love the Wild Turkey Longbranch Bourbon Whiskey, for which you can also get cocktail making tips and tasting notes from the master distillers with their unique online tasting experience. Team that with some Angostura bitters, and a few other accessories like a stirrer, an elegant tray, a julep strainer and a cocktail shaker.

The best Christmas alcohol gifts for … a client

Interesting alcohol gifts imply that you’re original enough to think beyond a cheap case of wine, and also subtly hint at successful partnerships. A bottle of gin is a perfect Christmas gift for someone you want to impress — try the Japanese Roku gin which, with its hexagonal shape, makes for a sleek office decoration, and the blended botanicals are sublime. Add two highball glasses and a case of elevated mixers, like Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water, to make an alcohol gift pack that will take things to the next level. 


The best Christmas alcohol gifts for… the mother-in-law

Where to start with mother-in-law Christmas gifts? The mother-in-law is arguably one of the most challenging people to buy for so it’s worth putting that extra bit of thought into a nice alcohol gift. Why not give her something that all the family can enjoy together, like a bottle of Rose D’Amelie AOC Luberon Rosé? This French rosé, with its strawberry and cherry notes, comes in a beautiful gift-worthy bottle, too. And if you want to be the favourite son or daughter-in-law, help take the pressure off the Christmas dinner party by bringing along a good charcuterie board that needs no prep, and pairs perfectly with rosé.

The best Christmas alcohol gifts for… your next-door neighbour

Looking for neighbour gift recommendations? For someone you may not know very well, you’ll want affordable wine that suits a wide variety of palates. A nice bottle of sparkling wine is always welcome — try the Tasmanian Jansz NV Premium Cuvée.


And if Christmas shopping has you watching the budget, try a Wolf Blass or a Lindemans chardonnay, both under $10. For red wine lovers, shiraz is renowned for a reason: try a Penola Estate or De Bortoli’s Sacred Hill. The Louis De Camponac Cabernet Sauvignon is a medium-bodied wine option, too. All of the above are good bottles of wine that clock in under $20 each.


If your neighbour is a beer lover, you can’t go wrong with a case of Tinnies IPA. This beer has aromas of citrus and melon and will be the perfect gift for the two of you to crack open over the fence.


A bottle or case of nice alcohol for gifts is made even better with an accompanying experience. Book in a tour of a local brewery, winery — or maybe even a bar crawl of some new pubs in the neighbourhood — to give them an experiential Christmas gift they won’t forget. When it comes to gifting ideas this Christmas, it’s definitely the thought that counts.

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