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Jarrod’s Guide to Preparing for a Great Bucks Weekend

A roundup of the best beers and spirits for throwing your groom a great bucks weekend, according to Jarrod aka @diycocktailguy.

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From the Aisles of First Choice Liquor Market to the Altar: Planning your Bucks Weekend

Calling all best men, it’s time to chat all things booze and bucks parties! Being put in charge of a bucks party is a hard job to have on your hands. You’ve got activities to plan, accommodation to book and a weekend of delicious food to organise before your groom heads to the altar. 

When it comes to drinks, you want it to be a stress-free affair where you can stock up, sit back and sip away while you’re surrounded by your best mates. And if you’re looking for some inspiration in planning the best bucks weekend, we’ve got the perfect guy for the job. Jarrod the @diycocktailguy is giving his top tips on hosting a great weekend for the groom-to-be before the big day arrives. So, keep scrolling!

How many drinks should you buy per person for a bucks party?

This will of course vary from group to group, but you’ll want to make sure you’re prepped and ready for the whole weekend. Take a good look through your guest list (and chase up any last-minute RSVPs while you’re at it). “By the time you grab a couple of 6-packs and cater for 3-4 beers per person, you may as well grab a couple of cases and save up to 20-30 dollars per case,” Jarrod says. “Plus, when they’re already chilled, you’re good to just pick up a case and go,” he adds. It also pays to check out any multi-buy deals on offer and stock up. This saves you from last-minute online orders or liquor store runs, and you can always save any extras for the next event on your calendar. 

What are the best drinks to buy for a bucks party? We asked Jarrod for his go-to faves.

A super clean and low bitter brew that goes hand in hand with the outdoors, Great Northern Super Crisp Lager has been the drink of choice of best mates and bucks for years gone by. It’s the perfect pick to start off your afternoon as you’re waiting for the whole crew to rock up and get the weekend started. It’s crisp and easy drinking, so you know that it’ll go down well with the whole group.


The Stone & Wood Pacific Ale has been topping the charts of craft beer countdowns since it hit shelves, but we think the Hinterland Hazy Pale Ale from the Byron Bay brewery is one to watch and add to your line-up. Vibrant and tropical tasting with a golden haze, this is a special craft pick that balances nicely against a classic crisp lager to give some variety to your bucks weekend spread. 


For those that want a sweeter drop, Jarrod suggests switching out the beers for the natural, tangy flavour of Smirnoff Fruit Sodas Lime and Lemon. This is a brand-new premix from Smirnoff to hit shelves, making it the ideal choice for a refreshing and delicious alternative. 


Since we’re talking about fresh fruit flavour, it would be hard not to give a mention to the Howler Head Straight Banana Bourbon Whiskey. Aged for two years in American oak barrels, it’s blended with natural banana for a smooth and sweet touch. It’s a unique addition to your bucks lineup, one that you can enjoy sipping on the rocks at the end of the night, or mixed with cola in a convenient pre-mix. Pick up some of the Howler Head Bourbon and Cola cans and you’ll be on your way to a stress-free weekend. 

Take your bucks planning to the next level

Feeling in need of some extra inspiration when it comes to planning your best mate’s bucks? We’ve got you sorted with a couple of fool-proof destination and drink combos. 


Book a destination weekend. This doesn’t have to mean hopping on a plane, it could just be venturing a few hours out and booking a luxe Airbnb for the weekend and enjoying the great outdoors. With a range of coastal gins, craft beers and special bottles of scotch ready to go in store and online — you can create a drink line-up that suits your vibe and location for the weekend.


Book an action-packed city weekend. Explore the big smoke with a full weekend of activities and games that keep your party busy. At drinks beforehand, silly costumes are a must, and our range of premix cans will keep the group refreshed all weekend long. It’s a good idea to keep some non-alcoholic beers on hand to keep the bucks atmosphere going, without the alcohol too. 


Book a classic pub, distillery or winery crawl. A pub crawl has long been the classic go-to for bucks, but heading to a winery or a distillery is also a great way to dial up the atmosphere for a sophisticated bucks weekend. Book a weekend in the Barossa Valley, road trip down to the Margaret River or set out and explore some of the best places to have a drink in the Sunshine State or Sydney with our local expert guides. And while you’re sipping on whiskeys and taste testing full bodied reds, pick up a bottle of something special to enjoy all together the night before the big day!

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