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The 15 all-time greatest cocktails to mix for the big game

In a world of sports, champion hosts have to mix with the best. Get ahead of the kick-off and pick your favourites now from our all-star cocktail recipes.

first choice liquor all-time greatest cocktails

While you’re setting out the snacks for the big game, why not get something savoury into your glass? The classic vodka Bloody Mary can handle early starts, plus it’s one of the great cocktails for creative garnishes so stack some extra snacks on top, too.

Vodka cocktails are in demand right now, especially when they’re as clean, crisp and refreshing as the Moscow mule. This cocktail is easy to make at home – just shake up vodka and lime juice, pour it over ice and top with ginger beer.

3. Tom Collins

If you love a G&T with lemon, then you’re sure to be a fan of other zesty gin cocktails like the Tom Collins. To make, simply add gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and soda water to a tall glass with ice for a refreshing winner.

Team wearing blue? Blue curaçao cocktails let you match your drink to their colours. This bright and breezy Blue lagoon is made with vodka, blue curaçao liqueur and chilled lemonade and sports a retro cherry and orange garnish for the win.

5. Champagne cocktail

Go for gold and play with premium ingredients to create crowd-pleasing Champagne cocktails. As well as Champagne or sparkling wine, this classic Champagne cocktail features cognac, sugar syrup and a delicious dash of bitters.

Featuring a hat-trick of Campari, gin and red vermouth with a flick of orange peel, the Negroni has the finesse of an Italian soccer player. Invented in 1919, this popular cocktail has come a long way to earn its spot at the top of the leaderboard.

first choice liquor negroni

7. Dark and stormy

Don’t let the ominous-sounding name fool you – this drink is just right for sipping on a sunny afternoon as you watch your favourite sport. One of the hottest rum cocktails, Dark and stormy is similar to a Moscow mule, but built in the glass and with dark rum subbed in for vodka.

Let’s all cheer this legend among easy spring and summer cocktails. We’ve got the recipe for you to create a solo Sangria, but the beauty of this Spanish red wine recipe is that it’s one of the best cocktails to make in big batches for entertaining a crowd. Simply add all the ingredients to a jug and your guests can serve themselves.

9. Tommy’s margarita

If tequila cocktails are your party pick, make the Tommy’s margarita your go-to for laid-back drinking in front of the game. Made with agave syrup instead of  orange-flavoured liqueur, it’s a smoother choice than the standard margarita.

If bourbon is your go-to for game drinks, you’ll need to roll out some good whiskey cocktails, starting with the Old fashioned. This popular cocktail is a step up from whiskey on the rocks – add a sugar cube or a spoonful of syrup, mix in some bitters, then bring on the bourbon. Finished with an orange twist, it’s an effortlessly stylish drink.

If your sports watching event is of the garden party variety, then you can’t go wrong with an elegant fruit cocktail like the Pimms cup. Simply stir Pimms no 1 and lemonade or ginger beer with ice, then add fresh strawberry, orange, cucumber and mint and get sipping.

You don’t have to live in the same state as the Big Pineapple to sit back and sip on a sweet frozen Pina colada – it’s spot on for any Aussie sporting occasion. To make the MVP of Malibu cocktails, blend up coconut white rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream, then pour over crushed ice and enjoy.

No sour losers here, only winners thanks to the glorious Amaretto sour. Cut through the nutty sweetness of the almond-flavoured liqueur and syrup with sharp lemon juice. Crowned with egg white foam, it deserves a victory lap.

Vodka cocktail drinkers who like their cocktails colourful and fruity are guaranteed a win with the Fruit Tingle. This retro wonder is a lot like a Blue lagoon but with added raspberry cordial for a striking purple finish.

15. Strawberry daiquiri

Sports season is also strawberry season and if you have a blender on your side, then this frozen classic is a top score for a hot day’s game. One of the best white rum and Cointreau cocktails around, the Strawberry daiquiri has lime juice to balance the sweetness and enhance the flavour burst of the berries.

First Choice for MVPs

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