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Warren Mendes gives his verdict on Viral TikTok’s Cyclone Margarita

Entertaining expert Warren Mendes swaps a favourite retro icy pole for a cocktail as he tries out the Cyclone Margarita.

Warren Mendes making cyclone cocktail

“Summer is coming, and that means longer days and cooling off with refreshing icy poles. So, what better time to try out a Cyclone Margarita, that OTT cocktail made popular on TikTok. This Cyclone Margarita recipe brings together the tropical fruit flavours of the Cyclone icy pole with the zesty tang of a classic marg. No-one wants to be stuck in the kitchen while there’s cocktails to be sipped outdoors, so I’ve made this a cheat’s recipe using a good quality margarita mix. Simply blend Cyclone icy poles, the premix and tequila until smooth and creamy, then pour into your glasses and garnish with a Cyclone icy pole for that retro appeal.


My verdict: Refreshing, sweet and bright pink, the Cyclone Margarita certainly isn’t my new go-to cocktail (hello Dirty Martini, you retain the crown), but it’s something really fun and playful to serve up as a surprise for friends.”

How to make a Cyclone Frozen Margarita

Ingredients (Serves 4):

Salt, to serve

Lime wedges, to serve

8 Cyclone ice blocks

1 cup ice cubes

250mL Mr Consistent Margarita mixer

200mL Vivir Tequila Blanco


1. Spread salt over a plate. Wet rims of serving glasses with lime and dip in salt to coat.
2. Remove and discard the sticks from 4 Cyclone ice blocks. Place in a blender with the ice cubes, margarita mixer and tequila. Blend until smooth.
3. Divide the mixture among the prepared glasses, garnish with remaining Cyclone ice blocks and serve immediately with lime wedges.

cyclone margarita

The best ingredients for a Cyclone ice block cocktail

It’s not all about the icy poles – for the best-tasting cocktail, make sure you use top quality tequila and margarita mix. Start with a smooth-tasting and stylish silver tequila – Vivir Tequila Blanco. Made in Jalisco, Mexico using highland Weber Blue Agave, it has clean and floral flavours and aromas. Try it in a tequila and tonic garnished with lime. You can rustle up quality margs with only 2 ingredients thanks to Mr Consistent Margarita Mixer – it replaces the need for orange-flavoured liqueur and freshly squeezed lime juice, which can come at a premium depending on the season. The well-balanced mixer is vegan-friendly and gluten-free and ready to shake with your favourite tequila.

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