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Say Hello to Summer in a Glass with Jarrod’s Cloudy Tinnie Recipe

 Boasting the thirst-quenching appeal of a classic pale ale and the subtle kick that comes from spiced rum and ginger beer, the rest of your summer days are sorted with this Cloudy Tinnie creation from Jarrod aka @diycocktailguy!

Cloudy tinnies

The Sun’s Out and it’s Time for a Cloudy Tinnie!

What do you get when you combine a multi award-winning pale ale with the iconic spice of Bundaberg Rum and a seriously sessionable ginger beer? Introducing the Cloudy Tinnie from Jarrod aka @diycocktailguy


The idea of a beer cocktail might be new to some, but it’s a creation that has been around for the centuries gone by. We’ve seen it before with the ‘shandy’ — the addition of beer to either lemonade or ginger ale. More recently, we’ve dialed up the experimentation with Jarrod’s Boxing Day Beer-Garita Recipe, which brings the best of both the tequila and cerveza worlds together for a special go-to in summer. 


This time around, Jarrod’s bringing the Cloudy Tinnie to the table to help you celebrate the rest of the summer season in style. “It’s coming to the end of summer, so you have to use up the last few beers that you have in your fridge, so let’s make them into a cocktail,” Jarrod says. 


Keep reading to see how you can make the most of the long, balmy nights ahead by getting stuck into a Cloudy Tinnie or two!

Cloudy Tinnies Recipe

Cocktail Ingredients:

(Serves 2)


1 can of Tinnies Pale Ale

1/2 can of Moon Dog Ginger Beer

60mL of Bundaberg Rum

Fresh lime, to garnish




  1. Grab your beer glasses and fill them up with plenty of ice. 
  2. Add 30mL of Bundaberg Rum to each glass. 
  3. Pour approximately half a can of Moon Dog Ginger Beer into each glass. 
  4. Crack open your Tinnies Pale Ale and divide evenly across the cocktails. 
  5. Last but not least, finish your beer cocktail with a fresh lime wheel on top and sit back and enjoy!

Celebrating the best of Aussie made tinnies and spirits

We’ve already established that the Cloudy Tinnie is the perfect way to end your summer on a refreshing note, but it’s also a cocktail that celebrates 3 of the best local Aussie drops! 


  1. Why we love Tinnies Pale Ale. First off, the Melbourne-based Tinnies crew have been making a big name for themselves on the world stage, as well as amongst the discerning taste buds of local Aussie drinkers. Which is why it’s a no brainer for the Cloudy Tinnie — “This is where my favourite beer and pale ale comes in. You can bulk buy Tinnies Pale Ale at First Choice Liquor Market and it’s 100% my favourite beer of the summer,” Jarrod says. Over the past 5 years, it’s also collected a sweep of awards for the Tinnies trophy cabinet, from winning gold at the Melbourne International Beer Competition 2020 and top spot at the World Beer Awards – Style Winner World’s Best 2022. Their XPA, Pacific Ale and Hazy Pale Ale have also won big too. If this isn’t your sign to give it a try, we don’t know what is! 
  2. Why we love Moon Dog Ginger Beer. It’s one of the more recent additions to their already popular line-up of Fizzers and Old Mate Pale Ale. It’s high on ginger goodness and full on flavour, while remaining low in calories and gluten, vegan friendly and with absolutely no added sugar — the perfect pairing for summer in our eyes!
  3. Why we love Bundaberg Rum. It’s a rum that doesn’t need any introduction. The memorable caramel and molasses notes peep through from the 100% Queensland sugar cane, embodying the Sunshine State in a bottle. It’s a staple of any Aussie bar — especially in summer — so it pays to stock up on a few bottles for cocktails, and of course, rum and cokes!

There you have it! As the summer heat continues to linger, this refreshing trio is the perfect remedy for scorching temperatures and sun-dazed afternoons. What better way to end your summer, than to chill out with a beer cocktail in hand! 

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