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Match Made in Heaven: Jarrod’s Grand Slam Punch

 With the Australian Open heating up, Jarrod aka @diycocktailguy is serving the ultimate fruity punch that will impress your friends in straight sets.

Grand Slam Punch

Game, Set, Match — Your New Favourite Tennis Season Punch is Here

Tennis fever has well and truly hit Australia. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve watched as the best of the best descend on the banks of the Yarra River for a big summer hit out of tennis. 


Spectating Grand Slams and sipping on fruity punches has long come hand in hand. Wimbledon’s signature tipple is of course, the Pimm’s Cup, while you’ll find Honey Deuce cocktails enjoyed throughout the stands of the US Open and crowds cheering at Roland Garros with an Ace Royal at the ready. 


But what do these iconic Grand Slam drinks of choice all have in common? Firstly, they’re all refreshing and spritzy — meaning they’re perfect for long days sipping under the sun. Secondly, they have the added advantage of being batched ahead of time, which makes for a time-saving summer punch that’s worthy of a Grand Slam crown.


“In honour of the tennis season, you can batch the Grand Slam Punch, put it in the fridge and just as the Aussies are coming out to play, you can bring it out for your friends and you know it’ll be delicious,” Jarrod says.  


Keep the best seat in the house and catch every exciting rally and nail-biting set point by following these easy steps to Jarrod’s crowd pleasing punch.

Punch Ingredients:

1 cup of Mayfair Summer Citrus Gin 

½ cup of Cocktail Collective Blue Curaçao

½ cup of Cocktail Collective Triple Sec 

2 cups of pineapple juice 

½ cup of lemonade 

¼ cup of simple syrup

Rounded pineapple chunks to garnish


  1. Add a couple of cups of ice to your big fishbowl to get started.
  2. Next up, add 1 cup of your Mayfair Summer Citrus Gin. This gin was a big hitter at the 2023 World Spirits Competition in San Francisco, taking home a Gold Medal, which is why it’s right at home in the Grand Slam Punch.
  3. Then, you’ll want to add your Cocktail Collective Blue Curaçao and Triple Sec, along with your pineapple juice. 
  4. Top up the fishbowl with lemonade to taste. 
  5.  To finish, use a melon scooper to add a fun, tennis ball inspired garnish from fresh pineapple.

Hosting a tennis-themed garden party

As we approach the pointy end of the tournament, you’ll want to get amongst the sporting spirit and make the most of long summer afternoons. If you’re not heading to Rod Laver to cheer the Aussies on in person, invite your friends around and take your celebrations out to the garden for a tennis-themed watching party. 


Dress: Tell guests to dig out their retro sportswear or channel the Brits with Wimbledon-inspired tennis whites — visors and all.


Decorate: String up bunting around your garden (bonus points if it’s green and gold) and lay picnic rugs and cushions on the grass to lounge around on. As the sun goes down, bring out the projector in the garden for a watching party to remember!


Drink: Along with Jarrod’s Grand Slam Punch, mix up the roster with a few other selections from our guide to the all-time greatest cocktails for the big game. We’ve got our eye on the Blue Lagoon for making the most of the blue curacao!


Serve: Lean into the tennis theme with cucumber sandwiches and strawberries and cream. While these are staples of Wimbledon, they’re the perfect match-up for the long, hot Australian summer. Finger food also means less washing up for you at the end of the night, so win-win! 


Play: In between matches, go head to head with a tournament of your own between guests — be it table tennis or Wii sports for a competitive hit-out. 


Follow these tips for a top-notch Grand Slam Punch and your tennis themed garden party, and you’ll be a smash hit with your friends and family this Australian Open! 

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