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5 Beers to Raise in Cheers to Oktoberfest

Each year in late-September, the fields of Munich are transformed as massive tents are

best beers for oktoberfest from first choice liquor market

You don’t need to fly to Germany to celebrate a good brew, though. We’ve hand-selected five of our favourite lagers from around the world that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Prost!

Uberbrau Lager is brewed just outside of Dresden at a location that’s produced beer since 1872. Manufactured according to Germany’s 500-year-old beer brewing laws, this crisp lager only contains natural ingredients and is best served ice cold. 

For an authentic experience, cook up a few bratwursts and sip your Uberebrau from a stein –the lederhosen is optional.

Heading south from Germany, it’s stopping over in Spain and sampling a bottle of Estrella Damm lager. Brewed in Barcelona, this golden beer has a delicate character that will go down smooth.


Ideally this beer is best consumed on a sunny day alongside tapas – preferably while people watching on La Rambla, but it’s a great choice no matter the occasion or location.

Moving away from Europe, why not swing by the Caribbean with Jamaica’s Red Stripe Lager? Brewed since 1938, this refreshing beer is light in both colour and flavour – with a crispness that gives way to a pleasant butterscotch taste. This is the perfect beer for when you’re lounging on island time.

There are some great lagers to be found locally as well, like this Doss Blockos all-natural brew. Manufactured in Abottsford, this pale lager has just the right level of hops bitterness balanced by a crisp, malty finish. Each bottle of Doss Blockos comes individually wrapped in a brown paper bag.

Another local contender is the Holgate Norton Lager, produced by Paul and Tash Holgate in Woodend, Victoria. This beer is the result of a pilgrimage that took Paul to Germany, where he learnt to craft a delicate lager from the masters of the art.


This brew is made from local hops that give it a distinctly floral taste. While it’s indebted to the European tradition, this beer is unmistakably Australian.

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