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Footy Snacks You Can Prepare in an Ad Break

Planning on having friends over to watch the footy? Forgot to actually prepare some tasty treats to eat during the game? Hey, it happens. Never mind – we’ve got some recipes that you can prepare in an ad break (and some suggestions of drinks to pair with it).

melted cheese with bread a footy snack from first choice liquor market

Let’s do the maths – if there’s a 5 minute quarter time break and 2o minutes at halftime, we need to think up some snacks that are snappy to prepare while the ads are on!

When it comes to guacamole, keeping it simple is your best bet. You don’t want to be that host who tries something a little experimental (peas, anyone?) and then gets mercilessly mocked for the rest of the evening. Stick to avo, coriander, a bit of chilli for spice and lime juice.


Serve with some salty corn chips and a Mexican beer, like Corona Ligera.


Time on the stop watch: 5 minutes to prep

Well, this has to be the easiest one. Stock up on prosciutto, salami, olives, pickles, brie, cheddar, marinated artichokes and a decent amount of bread. Voila! You have a fantastic footy snack. Pair with a shiraz, like Wolf Blass Red Label and you’ve just won host of the year.


Time on the stop watch: 5 minutes to prep

When in a rush, keep it simple – and most people love melted cheese. Literally all this requires in terms of prep is slicing up some garlic and removing thyme from the sprigs. Then slice the top of the brie, put the garlic and thyme in the slices, and pop in the oven. Serve with a crusty baguette and your guests will rave.


We’d serve this with a full flavoured white like a glass of Annie’s Lane Chardonnay.


Time on the stop watch: 10 minutes cook time

Fancy olives are a great snack for guests – and they’re also super easy to make. All you need is a jar of mixed olives, olive oil, garlic and a variety of herbs; we’d recommend rosemary, thyme and some coriander and fennel seeds. It’s a put-everything-in-the-saucepan-and-warm kind of situation.


Why not capitalise on the proximity to olives and make some martinis? Just because you’re watching the footy, doesn’t mean you can’t get swanky.


Time on the stop watch: 10 minutes to prep

The best thing about this ad break snack (except for the taste) is that it’s super quick to prepare and all you really need to do is to chuck it in the oven.


Get a sturdy bread like a Pane Di Casa, cut some chunks out of it and stuff in caramelised onion relish, brie, mozzarella, thyme and drizzle some olive oil on top. Leave in the oven for 20 minutes and let the cheesy bread smell waft through the house. Top it off with a glass of sparkling wine, like Brown Brothers Zibibbo.


Time on the stop watch: 10 minutes to prep

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