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Your soccer watching checklist

Getting the squad around to watch the soccer? Here’s a handy list of the best drinks to stock up on.

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There’s something exhilarating about soccer season, wherever you are in the world. Whether you’re primed for an international fixture or supporting your local team, it’s a great excuse to throw a party at home – all you need to do is stock up on crowd-pleasing drinks and fuss-free snacks before kick off. With bulk and great-value drinks, from beers and wines to cans of premix, First Choice is the first choice for sports fans. Here we round up the best drinks to crack while watching the game.

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How to host a soccer watching party

Stock up on premix cans, bottled beers and relaxed snacks to set the scene for some seriously suspenseful soccer. Arrange the food in large bowls on the coffee table and throw the drinks in an esky near the TV so guests can help themselves throughout the match without missing any of the action.


196 Double Lemon & Vodka: Fresh and incredibly zesty, -196 uses “freeze crush technology” that freezes and crushes the lemons to maximise the citrus flavour. With only 0.3 grams of sugar, it’s light to drink and will counteract your salty snacks nicely. 

Corona: If there’s one thing that Mexicans love as much as tacos, it’s fútball, so make like the Latinos and grab yourself a bottle of their national beer while you watch the game.  Easy-to-drink, it’s the definition of sessionable as you scoop up some spicy nachos while the soccer plays out.  

If you’re inclined towards wine, add a couple of easy-to-drink Jacob’s Creek modern classics to your shopping list to get the party started. 

Jacob’s Creek Lively Bunch Pinot Grigio: By using younger grapes with a more vibrant flavour, the Jacob’s Creek winemakers have produced a refreshing glass that suits a festive occasion. Pour it alongside a cheese platter on a balmier night, and sample the apple, pear and pineapple notes. 

Jacob’s Creek Lively Bunch Pinot Noir: On cooler game nights, a light red helps warm you up while you cheer. The bright strawberry and raspberry notes should match seamlessly with your charcuterie grazing board. 

More in the mood for a marg or Moscow mule? Check out our list of the best cocktails to mix before watching the big game.

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