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Get your taste buds tingling with excitement without breaking the bank! Try our $50 Pineapple Cocktail Fruit Punch Challenge today.

The $50 Pineapple Cocktail Fruit Punch Challenge

If there’s one drink that will be light on the pocket, but a huge hit at parties and gatherings — it’s fruit punch. 


There’s no shortage of delicious batch punch recipes to give a go, like this seasonal Winter Moscato Punch or the crowd-pleasing Margarita Punch, but we’re always on the hunt for even more budget-friendly drink options to add to our regular rotation. 


Enter Jarrod’s @diycocktailguy $50 Pineapple Cocktail Fruit Punch Challenge. Now this might come as a bit of a surprise, but there’s actually no pineapple used in this punch. The ‘pineapple’ is of course giving a cheeky nod to the slang term used for a $50 note. 


So, this begs the big question, is it possible to whip up a batch punch for your whole party for under $50? It sure is, and Jarrod shows us how. “You can make this delicious punch yourselves, I highly recommend it. It’s budget-friendly and it tastes delicious,” he adds.


Let’s get started! The first step is to head to your local First Choice Liquor Market and Coles to grab everything you need. 

How to make the Raspberry Fruit Punch

Punch ingredients:


Remixt Alcoholic Fruit Punch Cranberry and Apple

Can of lychees

Bickford’s Raspberry Cordial

Punnet of raspberries 

1 litre of raspberry soda 




  1. First, add a few cups of ice to your punch bowl.
  2. Next, blend your can of lychees with the syrup included. Once blended and smooth, add to your punch bowl. 
  3. Blend half your punnet of raspberries and add to your punch mixture.
  4. Add 1 litre of the Remixt Alcoholic Fruit Punch Cranberry and Apple
  5. For extra sweetness, add 60mL of the Bickford’s Raspberry Cordial.
  6. Mix in half a bottle or about 500mL of your raspberry soda.
  7. Lastly, stir the punch and serve into your glasses. There you have it, a delicious party punch for under $50! 

Party drink ideas for when you’re hosting on a budget

If you often find yourself pinching pennies until payday or you’re wanting to stick to a tighter budget, try these pocket-friendly crowd pleasers next time you’re hosting. 



It’s a no brainer that Sangria is top of the list. Fruity, spiced and refreshing, it’s an easy option to whip together at the last minute without breaking the bank. Plus, there’s lots of fun variations, like Warren’s Watermelon Sangria to try when you want to mix up the flavours. 



For your next brunch or day party, a DIY mimosa bar is the way to go! Chill some bottles of budget-friendly sparkling and have them ready to pour with a selection of delicious juices. Of course, orange juice is a must, but try watermelon, pineapple and mango juice to add a special touch to your mimosa bar. 


Pimms Cup

Sophisticated but perfect for those sticking to a budget, a Pimms Cup is the perfect party tipple for your next garden gathering or BBQ. Grab a bottle of Pimm No. 1 Cup, lemonade, ginger ale, orange, mint and cucumber and start stirring for a tried and tested afternoon favourite. 


Simple cocktails 

When it comes to mixing drinks on a budget, sometimes it’s all about taking a simple staple and adding a bit of flair. A standard rum and coke can become a Cuba Libre — the Cuban staple of ice, rum, coca-cola, lime juice and a lime wheel to garnish. An easy vodka and orange becomes a fancy Screwdriver by adding freshly squeezed orange juice and a humble rum and ginger ale becomes a Dark n’ Stormy once you add some fresh lime. The list goes on! 


Give the $50 Pineapple Challenge a go and save these affordable drink recipes for your next get together.

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