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Fall Head Over Heels for The Lover’s Spritz: A Dreamy Valentine’s Day Cocktail

Love is in the air and Jarrod, aka @diycocktailguy is playing Cupid with a delicious, lip-smacking cocktail that will steal hearts this Valentine’s Day.

lover's spritz

Find Your Cocktail Love Language with The Lover’s Spritz

Roses are red, violets are blue, there’s no need to worry, because we’ve got just the Valentine’s Day cocktail for you! Nothing says ‘be my valentine’ more than a rosy pink, bubbly spritz that’s prepped to give you the warm and fuzzies. The best part according to Jarrod? “It’s super simple and only a couple of ingredients,” he says.


If you needed a sign to ditch the Hallmark cards and boxes of chocolate, this easy Valentine’s Day cocktail recipe is it. Treat that special someone in your life — whether it’s your significant other, your galentines or yourself — to a delicious pre-dinner cocktail that’s as easy on the eye as it is to make.


For more inspiration in bringing a hint of romance, we’ve got a long list of impressive Valentine’s Day cocktails to suit every taste bud and cocktail love language. And if you’re in the mood for a Valentine’s cocktail that isn’t too sweet, keep scrolling for your match made in cocktail heaven, aka The Lover’s Spritz.

Cocktail Ingredients:

30mL or 1oz of Mayfair Rhubarb and Ginger Gin

Choosy Beggars Sparkling Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

Soda water

2 strawberries 


Extra strawberries to garnish 


  1. Pop 1 large strawberry and 2 mint sprigs into each glass and muddle.
  2. Next, put a couple of cubes of ice in both glasses. 
  3. Pour 30mL of the Mayfair Rhubarb and Ginger Gin into each glass. Coming in second place at the Melbourne International Spirits Competition 2022, this gin is not only a real winner, but the notes of rhubarb and ginger deliver a unique balance of tartness and warmth to the cocktail.
  4. Top your spritz up halfway with the Choosy Beggars Sparkling Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. 
  5. To make it lighter and even more refreshing, top the rest of the glasses up with soda water. 
  6. To garnish, add fresh mint sprigs and cut your strawberry in the shape of a love heart. But you’re not done just yet. Our top tip? The leftover punnet of strawberries is great for some DIY chocolate covered treats to further woo your sweetheart. Then, “you can go and enjoy Valentine’s Day with your loved one!” Jarrod says. 

Calling all spritz lovers: other go-to recipes to give a try

Now you’ve got the low-down on The Lover’s Spritz, but there’s also long line of tried and tested spritzes waiting for you to try well beyond February 14. At its heart, a spritz is simply a combination (and a winning one at that) of light sparkling wine — think prosecco or brut cuvee — with soda water.



Across the Mediterranean, spritzes are known as an apéritif or aperitivo, enjoyed before dinner due to their aromatic, often bitter flavours that help to cleanse the palate and spur an appetite. In short, they’re the perfect way to start a romantic, candle-lit dinner for two. With our 3 ways to spritz, try an Aperol and Tonic, Negroni Spritz (aka the viral Negroni Sbagliato) or a French 75 Ginger Spritz to keep the spritz obsession going. 



For  something a little stronger as the night goes on, call on the city of love for inspiration with a French Gin Martini or pick out a few bottles of delicate French rosè to put in the fridge for later. We’ve got your guide to all things rosè ready to go here. You can thank us later!


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